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RE: MTS die off

Hi Allan,

You don't mention what fish you have in your tank.  I used to have a huge
population of MTS and other snails.  Although I like the MTS, I didn't want
the other snails.  So...I added 3 zebra loaches (Botia Striata) to my 50-gal
planted tank.  After a few months, I am sure I have no snails, MTS or
otherwise.  I see empty MTS shells lying around.  Do you have any
snail-eating fish?  Just a thought...


> -----Original Message-----
> Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 17:17:40
> From: "allan Mlodick" <allangm at hotmail_com>
> Subject: MTS die off
> Hi All,
> It has been the curious loss of my MTS that has prompted me to
> post. I have
> searched the archives, the Krib, etc. and have not found any
> answers to this
> problem. The MTS are most like;y completely dead in my planted 55
> gal. tank.
> I have two 10 gal. tanks with healthy MTS populations. H2O parameters are
> slightly different in the two 10 gal tanks because I don't add
> CO2, only use
> CO2 in the 55. The 55's H2O parameters are:
> dGH - 10, dKH - 10
> NO3 - 0-1ppm
> NH3 - 0
> Fe - 0
> PO4 - 0.05ppm
> pH - 7.0 - 7.2
> Temp - 76-78 F
> I have "well water" with no additives (Cl or chloramines), which
> works fine
> in the 10 gal tanks. I transfer plants from the 55 to the 10 gal
> tanks on a
> regular basis, so any pathogen should also transfer to the 10
> gal. tanks. I
> can't figure this one out and I don't want to re-introduce MTS to the 55
> until I am sure they will thrive in there.
> What's going on?? Any help would be appreciated. I read that
> Chuck Gadd had
> a similar experience. Was there any resolution to this?
> TIA.....
> Al