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Re: DIY CO2 Bottle Leakage

>Can you please post your DI2 ingrediants? I've always been trying to get it 
>to last a month, but infortaintly mine only lasts 14 days at the most. If 
>you could
also provide the temperature of the liquid in the co2 bottle, that would 
help a lot, thanks. It also can take up to 24 hours before the new batch 
starts bubbling imho.
>- - Matt


I use 2 cups sugar, 1/2 tsp Fleischman Rapid Rise yeast and a pinch of 
baking soda, mixed with warm tap water.  It starts working almost right away 
and spends, oh, a couple of hours pushing the water out of the airline 
before CO2 bubbles out.

I've never had a bottle last longer than 2 weeks, but I suspect now that 
I've had a leak all along so I'm curious to see how long my latest batch 
will last.  I've read all kinds of recipes to keep batches going longer but 
I guess I'm just too lazy to investigate.

I also don't know the exact temperature of my mix but the ambient air 
temperture in my house is about mid to high 60s in the winter.

Chin See Ming
Portland, OR
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