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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #887

You have to replace the sugar not the yeast if this is the case. Can you
please post your DI2 ingrediants? I've always been trying to get it to last
a month, but infortaintly mine only lasts 14 days at the most. If you could
also provide the temperature of the liquid in the co2 bottle, that would
help a lot, thanks. It also can take up to 24 hours before the new batch
starts bubbling imho.

- Matt
> Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 15:04:47 -0800
> From: "Chin See Ming" <chinseeming at hotmail_com>
> Subject: DIY CO2 Bottle Leakage
> I began running a 2 liter DIY yeast bottle just before last Christmas.  I
> used vinyl tubing, which I threaded through the hole I drilled in the
> cap.  I sealed the joint around the bottle cap with clear aquarium grade
> silicon.
> The first batch gave me about a bubble every 7 to 8 seconds and lasted me
> couple of week.  The plants loved it.  My hygrophilia polysperma grew like
> . . well . . . weeds.  Over the next month or so, the bubble rate got
> and the bottles petered out quicker.  I though my yeast had turned bad, so
> got new packages from the local grocery store.  I thought I saw a small
> improvement but not much.  At various times, I thought the water I used to
> mixed my batch was was too hot or too cold.
> Finally, last week, even with fresh packaged yeast, my bottle wouldn't
>   Not a single bubble.  Something in the Spring air perhaps?  Or is it my
> black thumb which can't even grow yeast?
> I had suspected a leak earlier so I had put a whole bunch of silicon over
> the bottle cap joint a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that was that.  I
> even used plumbers teflon tape on the part of the bottle where the cap
> screwed on.  But last Saturday, when a newly mixed batch wasn't making any
> CO2 at all, I happened to get the silicon joint on my bottle wet.  And lo
> and behold, it was bubbling at the joint.  No more silicon for me.
> I went to the lfs and got a plastic fitting, the kind used to join two air
> lines together.  I drilled a hole in a new bottle cap and EPOXIED the
> plastic fitting to the cap.  I used LOTS of glue.  I then attached the air
> line to the fitting.  Once again, I have a bubble every 7 seconds.  The
> plants are pearling again.  I am now a happy camper (for the time being)!
> Chin See Ming
> Portland, OR
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