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MTS die off

Hi All,

Been lurking for quite some time and have been surprised by the amount of 
new posters to the newsgroup. I'm encouraged that more people are becoming 
aware of the validity of the freshwater planted aquarium.

So this is my first time posting as in the past just reading the archives 
and information presented by the people who have "been there and done that" 
has kept me busy trying and succeeding at my planted tanks.

It has been the curious loss of my MTS that has prompted me to post. I have 
searched the archives, the Krib, etc. and have not found any answers to this 
problem. The MTS are most like;y completely dead in my planted 55 gal. tank. 
I have two 10 gal. tanks with healthy MTS populations. H2O parameters are 
slightly different in the two 10 gal tanks because I don't add CO2, only use 
CO2 in the 55. The 55's H2O parameters are:

dGH - 10, dKH - 10
NO3 - 0-1ppm
NH3 - 0
Fe - 0
PO4 - 0.05ppm
pH - 7.0 - 7.2
Temp - 76-78 F

I have "well water" with no additives (Cl or chloramines), which works fine 
in the 10 gal tanks. I transfer plants from the 55 to the 10 gal tanks on a 
regular basis, so any pathogen should also transfer to the 10 gal. tanks. I 
can't figure this one out and I don't want to re-introduce MTS to the 55 
until I am sure they will thrive in there.

What's going on?? Any help would be appreciated. I read that Chuck Gadd had 
a similar experience. Was there any resolution to this?


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