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Re: Profile

At 03:48 AM 3/8/01 -0500, Laurel wrote:
>Hi, I have had the same experience with profile hardening the water. I
>have 2 tanks, one with fluorite and one with turface (same as profile).
>The fluorite tank has a dKH of 3 and the turface tank has a dKH of 8-9.

I have a tank whose substrate is half 2-3mm gravel and half Turface MVP and 
I have to add Ca and Mg to it, otherwise the hardness drops to near 
zero.  My tap water is very soft but I never use the stuff except to top 
up.   The water that's been in the tank for over a year is just fine.....

I don't believe that Turface MVP hardens water over time.

OTOH, I have had "cementing" of the MVP grains.  They stick together, 
probably as a result of some bacterial action.  They are easily broken 
apart by stiring with the finger, but......can this be good?

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