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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #886; Profile hardens water

My experience.

I decided to convert an established 55 gallon tank to Flourite.  I cleaned 
out the tank (removed everything), added Flourite, replanted the tank and 
reused my Emperor filter (With Bio-wheels and a cartridge of crushed coral). 
  In my old sand setup the pH stayed pretty consisten at around 7.6.  When I 
tested my Flourite several weeks later it was at 6.0.  I now test it weekly 
and find I have to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda each week to keep the pH 
up.  I Set up a second tank with Flourite and a new Sand Man Filter.  Same 
problem with pH drop.  The plants seem to be doing really well.  Does 
Flourite drop the pH?  My two tanks seem to say yes.

I set up a third tank with Profile which I got at the local nursery.  Beige 
in color.  The pH stays up but my tank is over run with BGA.  I assume there 
is no nutrients in Profile?  I have started adding nutrients (Jobe's plant 
spikes and a Fe & K mix).  So far the BGA is winning.  So the Profile either 
adds to the pH or at least doesn't decrease it.

Any thoughts?


*  R. N. Shewmaker
*  email address:  shewmaker at hotmail_com

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