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DIY CO2 Bottle Leakage

I began running a 2 liter DIY yeast bottle just before last Christmas.  I 
used vinyl tubing, which I threaded through the hole I drilled in the bottle 
cap.  I sealed the joint around the bottle cap with clear aquarium grade 

The first batch gave me about a bubble every 7 to 8 seconds and lasted me a 
couple of week.  The plants loved it.  My hygrophilia polysperma grew like . 
. . well . . . weeds.  Over the next month or so, the bubble rate got slower 
and the bottles petered out quicker.  I though my yeast had turned bad, so I 
got new packages from the local grocery store.  I thought I saw a small 
improvement but not much.  At various times, I thought the water I used to 
mixed my batch was was too hot or too cold.

Finally, last week, even with fresh packaged yeast, my bottle wouldn't work. 
  Not a single bubble.  Something in the Spring air perhaps?  Or is it my 
black thumb which can't even grow yeast?

I had suspected a leak earlier so I had put a whole bunch of silicon over 
the bottle cap joint a couple of weeks ago.  I thought that was that.  I 
even used plumbers teflon tape on the part of the bottle where the cap 
screwed on.  But last Saturday, when a newly mixed batch wasn't making any 
CO2 at all, I happened to get the silicon joint on my bottle wet.  And lo 
and behold, it was bubbling at the joint.  No more silicon for me.

I went to the lfs and got a plastic fitting, the kind used to join two air 
lines together.  I drilled a hole in a new bottle cap and EPOXIED the 
plastic fitting to the cap.  I used LOTS of glue.  I then attached the air 
line to the fitting.  Once again, I have a bubble every 7 seconds.  The 
plants are pearling again.  I am now a happy camper (for the time being)!

Chin See Ming
Portland, OR
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