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PMDD recipe please

Ok, my tank is cycling now, and I have added just a couple plants to help it
along and for looks :)

I have heard many people talk about PMDD (Poor Man's Dosing Drops?)
but nowhere was I able to find a recipe for it.  Although I have not
completely exhausted all the websites on the net, I prefer to turn here, as
many of you use this recipe on a daily basis.

Any tips on making it, if it is made.  Using it, and dosing it would be
appreciated...along of course with the recipe...please use plain English, as
I am still learning the Chemical compounds associated to each different
chemical.  Popular names preferred :)

Along those lines a glossary of frequently used acronyms and their meanings
would be a great list tool.

Since I joined this list, I have seen dozens of chemical compounds...to be
honest most of which I still have no clue as to what they are, names, and
other jargon which would be nice to have a reference for.

Is there anything already out there about this?