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Profile hardens water

I got ahold of a bag of Profile (Soil Conditioner) at Wal Mart and did
run a quick test. After rinsing  several times, mixed a handful with 
about twice the volume of distilled water and let it settle for 24 hs in
a glass jar. As a control, did the same with silica sand and Flourite. 
Then measured pH, kH and gH (Tetra kit). Results:

              pH      kH      gH
sand        < 6.0*   < 0.5   < 0.5
Flourite      6.5    < 0.5   < 0.5
Profile     > 7.6*     4.5     8.0

* these are actually off-scale readings, the test kit won't go beyond
that. The acidic pH from the sand sample is, I think, due to dissolved 
CO2 from air.

The conclusion is that Profile leaches a lot of hard stuff into the
water. Thus it is unsuitable for soft water tanks. Does anyone have 
problems with Profile hardening water ?

Btw, the Profile I got does not match the physical description of neither
Profile nor Turface in Jamie Johnson's article. It has 3-4 mm particles
with a beige, uniform color. I guess there is a lot of variation in
their batches. Maybe not important for use in flower beds or turf, but 
can wreak havoc in the aquarium.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD