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Re: Melon Sword Problem

    Mak writes:

>No, it seems to be actually limp- like the stems aren't strong enough to
>hold the leaves up. It is putting out new leaves, but they are smaller
>than the originals, and all the leaves are a deep red-green color, though the
>older ones on this plant were darker than the other swords from the
>beginning. The other swords are putting out new leaves as well, nice and
>green and they grow to a comparable size with the others on the plant.
>I was working on the tank last night, and pulled up the melon, just to see
>it more closely. The roots are nice and strong-a good bunch that has spread
>since first planted and a healthy white color. No blackening or rotted
>spots on the roots or leaves. All the leaves feel ok- not mushy or spotted. 
>even the stems don't feel like they are mushy.

    I can only guess at this, and have very limited experience, so FWIW,  : ) 

    It sounds as though it was already completely in it's underwater growth 
form, so shedding emerse leaves probably wouldn't explain it.  Since it's got 
color, I think there's enough light.  Since it's not mushy/dying, sounds as 
though it might be growing in that direction intentionally.  When I had them, 
they grew very well, and did have some low lying leaves.

    I do think I've seen plants be more light-shy (growing sideways or 
arching downwards) because of a shortage of macronutrients (not just rosette 
plants, but stem-plants too).  A little bit more Jobes might help-  maybe it 
didn't get enough the first time?  That would be my first guess.  I've been 
trying different types, sizes of pieces, and depths lately to get a feeling 
for using them.  There seem to be alot of variables with how to use them, and 
some types sure are concentrated, and could easily alter the balance of the 
tank in a way that could be hard to undo.  Sounds like your tank is doing 
really well, so if you put more in, I would go slow with it unless you 
already have a really good sense of how much to use.
    I think even a lack of micronutrients might also cause less upright 
growth, but it doesn't sound to me like that's what this is so far.

>Everything was the same as when I tested last week: pH 7.6, Ammo, NO2,
>all 0, KH 5. Added the 5ml fertilizer and Excel as usual.

    I don't know how much calcium your water has in it- it may be fine.  If 
your swords start putting out very deformed _new_ leaves that would likely 
mean severe calcium defic., which is easy to deal with.  A milder stage of it 
would be less noticeable, and I don't know if it could be what you are 
seeing, or part of it. Not the most likely, I think.

    That's all I can think of... 
    Hope it Helps-

    Zach K