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"free" plants

Well, they are back!   Hygrophila angustifolia, the Willow Hygro, courtesy 
of Karen Randall....
As Tom Barr would say, they grow like a "weed" for me, I have a 
quarter-pound to distribute.
Ask for what you want/need:  $6 postage and  packing (3 day Priority or $12 
for overnight, it is balmy here)
And $1 per stem ($2 for large stems), money goes to the local plant group 
We take checks or VISA or MC.  Please advise.  And love your tank!!
  If you are not a PAM subscriber, throw in a PAM subscription too
( http://www.wcf.com/pam ).  Talk to you soon!    Dave

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
NEW Planted Aquaria Magazine:        http://www.wcf.com/pam