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Re: gro-lux 8500

Yes, I have used them (well, one ;-) before. I was using only the 15w,
which is a T8 size as you would suspect. The larger sizes could be either
-- I got mine through mail order and thus never saw the other sizes.

It is a very "crisp" white with a fair amount of blue in it, but is is
still a full-spectrum type lamp (that is it doesn't have the grow bulb
look). It seems to work well when mixed with low-temp 2800 K or 3200 K
bulbs, and the 20g tank this tube is on is mixed with a 3200 K tube if I am
remembering right. 

Not sure one the exact specs since I don't have the packaging any more, but
I can say it has about a 1-year life since it died on me and I will be
ordering a new one in the next day or two. If it has any useful info on the
packaging I can forward it to you if you like.


>Hello, all.
>Anyone played around with the Sylvania Gro-Lux 8500 bulb?  I've found it
>in one or two catalogs, but don't have any information aside from that it
>"radiates in the blue and red" ad that it has a color temp of 8500K.  Truth
>be told, from what I've seen in the catalogs, I'm not even absolutely
>convinced it is a T-8 as advertised.  Just wondering if anyone has used >one.
>I'm interested in parameters like lumens, CRI, bulb life, etc..., as well >as
>opinions about its color.    
>Dave Gauthier
>gauthier at vims_edu