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Re: Strange Happenings regarding plants bubbling

    Roger Miller writes (snipped):

>Lots of people see this.  I've heard three explanations:
>1)  The water you add is supercharged with oxygen and other gases.  Some
>of the gases form bubbles by themselves and the high O2 levels means
>that the O2 produced by the plants can't go into solution, so it forms
>bubbles to.  The result is lots of bubbles.
>2)  The water you add my have a higher CO2 content than your tank water,
>so the plants bubble more until the CO2 is gone.
>3)  Your tap water contains something (probably a trace element) that's
>missing in your tank and the plants respond to that until it's used up.
>Of these, I suppose that (1) is most likely.

    I've been thinking of another possibility lately- maybe it's a reach.  
When I do a big enough water change that parts of plants are exposed to air 
for several minutes, it seems that those are the parts that pearl alot after 
the tank is filled again.  Maybe those leaves have taken in a big breath of 
co2 while they've had the chance, and are able to really get going for 
awhile.  Though maybe other things could explain this too.

    Zach K