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T-8 lamp and ballast questions

Hello folks,

I’m trying to understand the T-8 electronic ballast 
information in the archives and on the manufacturers 
web sites.  My intent is to update my numerous shop 
lights to T-8 tubes with electronic ballasts for more 
bang for the buck.  I don't really need more light 
than the shop lights produce, I'd just like to cut the

electricity bill and possibly extend the useful lamp 
life (bulb cost per year).  With that in mind;

1. Sylvania's website indicates that their .88-.90 
ballast factor units provide a 30-40% cost savings 
over 40 watt T12 bulbs.  In generic terms, how does 
the light output of a 32 watt T-8 with electronic 
ballast fixture compare to cheap shop light T-12 40 
watt fixture?  

2.  From somewhere in the archive, paraphrase...  T-8s

don't degrade as quickly as T-12s.  It isn't necessary

to do a T-8 bulb replacement on a 6-12 month 
schedule.  Is this true?

3. Jamie Johnson asked in 1999 “It seems the instant 
starters produce more lumens/watt, but with a 
reduction in lamp life, which is ok, I change every 6 
months…”  His question wasn't answered as far as I can

tell from the archives.  Do the instant starters 
produce more lumens/watt?  Is it significant?

4.  Where can I buy the ballasts on line and who has 
the best prices?

5.  Just out of curiosity, has someone already done 
the legwork of finding the cheapest .88-.90 electronic

ballast for either a two or four bulb model from an
line retailer?  

Thanks in advance for any comments/answers.


newellcr at yahoo_com

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