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RE: Melon sword problem

>    Are they actually limp, or just growing downward?  Is it putting out
>leaves?  How do they look?  Is their shape distorted?  What color are the
>leaves- new, old?  Are the other swords putting out new leaves?

No, it seems to be actually limp- like the stems aren't strong enough to
hold the leaves up. It is putting out new leaves, but they are smaller than
the originals, and all the leaves are a deep red-green color, though the
older ones on this plant were darker than the other swords from the
beginning. The other swords are putting out new leaves as well, nice and
green and they grow to a comparable size with the others on the plant.

I was working on the tank last night, and pulled up the melon, just to see
it more closely. The roots are nice and strong-a good bunch that has spread
since first planted and a healthy white color. No blackening or rotted spots
on the roots or leaves. All the leaves feel ok- not mushy or spotted. And
even the stems don't feel like they are mushy.

Everything was the same as when I tested last week: pH 7.6, Ammo, NO2, NO3
all 0, KH 5. Added the 5ml fertilizer and Excel as usual.

Maybe it's just lazy? <G>

(Long hair) is considered bohemian, which may be why I grew it, but I keep
it long because I love the way it feels, part cloak, part mane, part fan,
part security blanket.
	Marge Pierry

15 Days till Spring! (And 20 inches of snow on the ground!)