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Re: Subject: Longer days, more BGA... coincidence?

Gitte wrote.....
...........My hospital/quarantine tank has always had a problem with BGA,
but it has no
live plants, so I have more-or-less accepted the problem there and just
tried to keep it under control.  
Is it possible that the longer daylight hours are causing this [BGA
growth], or have I
maybe inadvertently spread the BGA from the quarantine tank to the other
Maybe. I've had the stuff vanish w/o a trace in two different tanks when
I turned off the lights for other reasons. In one tank, the BGA never
came back, although I made no changes to the set-up. Just prior to this,
the BGA covered just about everything in this tank. In the other, I've
had small amounts return. You may want to try turning off your lights and
covering the tanks for 2 days. Doing this did not seem to have an adverse
effect on my plants in my tanks. This may eliminate the BGA in your
tanks. But if the BGA in your tanks is dependent on some other excess
nutrient, it may do nothing for you.

I'm not sure I'd want BGA in a hospital tank. I've read that it can be
toxic. This may be why nothing will eat it. I read somewhere that dogs
have died after drinking water contaminated with BGA. A healthy fish
might tolerate it, but who knows what effect it may have on a weakened

Jim N
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