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Re: Melon Sword Problem

In a message dated 3/3/1 Mak writes  (snipped):

>For the most part, everything is doing ok (I can even grow cabomba in
>this tank, which I have never been able to do before!), with one exception.
>I have a melon sword in this tank that is not doing very well. It seems
>"limp." The stems don't seem able to support the leaves and they fall back
>against the driftwood piece it is in front of. And it's not just because
>it's up close to it- it is drooping. The leaves are also curled back at
>the edges. I have 2 other swords in the tank and both seem to be ok.

    I've got alot to learn myself, but I can think of some possibilities.  If 
you described it a little more, maybe I could suggest something, or someone 
else might jump in.

    Are they actually limp, or just growing downward?  Is it putting out new 
leaves?  How do they look?  Is their shape distorted?  What color are the 
leaves- new, old?  Are the other swords putting out new leaves?

>The stats: 55 Us gallon tank, gravel substrate with laterite in bottom
>third, 110W compact fluorescent lights, Penguin 170 filter
>Fish: 4 tiger barbs, 4 otos, 1 molly, 2 yo-yo loaches, 1 serpae tetra,
>1 C.
>moorii (yeah, I know, but I had to get him out of the 90 gallon cichlid
>tank- he was getting beaten to death).
>pH 7.6, ammo 0, NO2 0, NO3 0, KH 5 deg.
>Fertilized with small pieces of Jobes spikes about 3 weeks ago, PlantGro
>liquid weekly and Flourish Excel every other day according to dosages on
>the bottles (5ml of each).
>Other plants: Jungle val, corkscrew val, bacopa, cabomba, hygro, Java fern,
>Java moss, rotala, pygmy chain sword, various crypts, hornwort, other stuff
>I don't know/don't remember.

    Zach K