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Re: Flourish Trace by SeaChem

<<Tom Wood suggets using a trace mix in powder form. However I know of
know commercial mix with a guaranteed analysis containing all the
in Flourish (most, in fact, are based on the trace elements on the
"essential 17" list). I also worry that, unless a mix has been
designed for aquatic plants in an environment with fish, there may be a
risk of getting too much of a potentially toxic element, such as copper.

True, if your plants are thriving, reproducing and doing all they should

do, they are evidently getting all they need from somewhere.


Many people have used dry fertilizer, used for hydroponics, in planted
aquariums.  Of course you must make a solution of the mix prior to
adding it to the tank.  People use these fertilizers because it is more
cost effective than using commercial aquatic plant specific mixes.  You
are correct about being careful that the mix does not contain too much
of one element that might be toxic to tank inhabitants.