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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #878

>>><< Put some aquarium water in a soft-drink bottle (1/4 full), test
 pH, shake the water vigorously (with the cap on), test pH again.  If
the pH
 drops a lot, you have plenty of CO2, something else is wrong.  If the
 doesn't drop at all, either you have next to no CO2 or the kit is ng.
 could someone explain the chemistry thats happenign here...i am curious


John - I assume you are trying to determine if your CO2 injection is
diffusing into the water,  in the above statement Dave has you shake the
water to cause off gassing of the CO2.  If you have CO2 in the water
then your pH will rise after the CO2 is off gassed when compared to your
pH value prior to shaking the water.

If you have too much surface agitation in your tank you can cause off
gassing of CO2, that is why most people try to keep surface agitation to
a minimum.