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Re: Foam and Easter grass.

> > Does anyone have any input on foam (filter medium again). Open cell vs.
> > closed bubble foam. I've been told that one is essentially a tiny
> > work and the other is difficult as a pass-through for water.

Closed cell foam cannot pass water at all.  Therefore, it can't be used as
filter media.  When you think of the difference between open cell and closed
cell foam, just think of all the tiny bubbles that make the foam "spongy".
In open cell, they are all open and connected to each other so there is a
path from one side of the piece of foam to the other side.  In closed cell,
the bubbles are entirely enclosed in whatever material the foam is made of.
Since the bubbles are not connected, there is no path for water.
Dave Engle
Jacksonville, NC
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