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(slightly off topic) BGA cleanup triggers Goby spawning!

I mentioned last night, that I did a major cleanup of two of my 10-gal.
tanks, because of BGA.  My hospital/quarantine tank was the worst.  It
currently houses four Bumble Bee Gobies.  Last night I removed all of the
plants and all of the BGA, and did a 25% water change.  This tank has no
gravel or sand, just big smooth river rocks on the bottom.  I really stirred
everything around last night.

This morning, I noticed one of the Gobies in the front corner, under a rock.
I was afraid I might have accidentally squashed it last night, and I saw a
second Goby right there on top of the rock.  It didn't appear aggressive,
but it was literally squashing the first one into the bottom under the rock.
I thought the first Goby was dead (or almost), and thought I'd be retrieving
it in a net.  But an hour later I returned to find ... a couple of dozen
tiny white eggs under that rock!  The first Goby was no longer there, but
the second is keeping the others away.

How about that !!  What do I do with these eggs?  Leave them to hatch?
Remove them to another tank????