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Sword Plant Changing Leaf Shape

I was laying (lying?) on the couch trying to take a nap over the weekend when I noticed
something strange about my sword plant -- it has leaves that are two different shapes.
One of the leaves is shaped more like that of an annubias -- a pear/oval shaped leaf at
the end of a long stem.  The rest of the leaves are shaped, well, like sword blades.
Thinking back to when I first received the plant (I ordered it online) it seems to me that
all of the leaves were of the oval variety and that since the plant has been in my tank
the leaves have changed shape.

As I understand it, swords are sometimes grown exposed to air and then submersed in the
aquarium.  It seems to me that the "sword" shaped leaves allow for more surface area.  It
stands to figure that the intensity of light would be less in my tank than exposure to
air.  Or perhaps I don't have enough light in my tank (192 watts in a 75 gallon) though I
don't think that is the case since everything is growing like crazy.

Any thoughts?


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