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Re: Flourish Trace by SeaChem

At 03:48 PM 3/4/01 -0500, Tom Wood wrote:
>  I think the commercial
>sellers would do the hobby and the environment a great service by just
>selling the powdered forms of their products and then instruct consumers to
>go to the grocery store and buy a  gallon of distilled water for mixing.

First let me say that for the moment I have a commercial interest in one of 
the commercial fertilizers, so my post is not without some bias.

That said, I am told by folks I think know more about this than me that the 
compounding of a multi-nutrient trace fertilizer is fraught with 
difficulties, mostly involving involuntary formation of a precipitate that 
cannot be redissolved or resuspended adequately.   This results in totally 
inaccurate dosing.  If I had heard this from one of the hot heads on this 
list (you know who you are) I would have dismissed it, but I heard it from 
two of the calmest and levelest heads in this business, and since I respect 
their intellect, I have to believe they are telling the truth.  Therefore, 
I respect their conclusions that shipping concentrate and diluting it later 
won't work.  Trust me, I tried to beat them into it.   I pay the air 
freight from Denmark on all the water in TMG.

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