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Longer days, more BGA... coincidence?

Wow, I've just spent a couple of hours cleaning BGA out of a couple of my
smaller tanks, what a MESS!!  With spring coming, the days are getting
longer, and I am wondering whether this could be encouraging the growth of
this slimy, smelly stuff.  None of my tanks are getting any direct light
from windows, but my house is pretty bright in general, so they are
definitely getting more hours of regular daylight than they were during the
winter months.

My hospital/quarantine tank has always had a problem with BGA, but it has no
live plants, so I have more-or-less accepted the problem there and just
tried to keep it under control.  But... now I have the same problem in two
planted tanks; one is a 10-gal and the other a 20-gal.  I have done a 25%
water change and completely cleaned the BGA out of the 10-gal. planted tank,
I have also fertilized it with TMG, and I will do daily 25% water changes
this week to see if that helps.  What about adding an airstone for the

Is it possible that the longer daylight hours are causing this, or have I
maybe inadvertently spread the BGA from the quarantine tank to the other