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Worn-out leaves...

Hi all, I have been away from the list for several months because of other
commitments.  I'm happy to say, that my 50-gal. tank which I set up last
May/June, has found its balance, and after all of the startup trouble I had,
it is doing very well and really isn't plagued by algae or anything else
(touch wood!).  It got so overgrown that I have recently removed many strong
healthy plants and taken them to my LFS (sorry, I would have rather traded
with others on the list, but...the timing was wrong).

Anyway, the leaves of two of my healthiest, large-leaved plants (a big
ozelot sword and a lotus zenkeri) seem to be getting worn out.  They have
small holes which don't seem to be from anyone nibbling on them or eating
them, but they are just looking like they are being cleaned too much.  The
plants are growing well and producing new leaves, but I think somebody is
rasping away at them, maybe during the night.  I have recently added (a) a
few more algae-eating (amano) shrimp, (b) a few more otos, and (c) a "rhino"
pleco.  I am quite suspicious of the pleco, and although he's a most
interesting looking guy, I'd be prepared to move him to another tank.  Does
anyone else think he might be the culprit?  If so, is he missing something
to eat at night, like maybe peas or other greens?