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Re: Foam and Easter grass.

> I am considering plastic, Easter egg grass as a filter medium. Input please.
> And could you be more specific about floss. My local fabric store didn't
> know anything about it. Thanks again.

Works fine. No problems. Kind of cheap looking though. I used it in some
canisters for awhile. Like the foam better.
> Does anyone have any input on foam (filter medium again). Open cell vs.
> closed bubble foam. I've been told that one is essentially a tiny lattice
> work and the other is difficult as a pass-through for water.

Yes. It think most like open cell since it does not clog but it can be more
difficult to find. But you can find thin layers of it used for grocery store
produce and meat cases called "Vestax". It is black about 3/8-1/2 thick and
can be rolled or layered to any desired thickness and cut to shape.
Urethane foam is the small pore stuff and can be had at many places, check
foam in the yellow pages etc. It will clog much more but it is very usable
if you pre filter well prior to that stage. I don't like using small pore
foam for mechanical filtering though. It clogs and when that happens your
tank can crash from no circulation etc. I'd much rather have some detritus
pass through than clog the flow. Many plant tanks can break down the
detritus even without a great deal of mechanical filtration.
It is nice to have a layer of progressively finer materials for filtration
but I and every one else forgets at some point..... so design things that
prevent or lessen this user forgetfulness:)

That is a very big issue when keeping tanks IMO.
Tom Barr