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Re: regulator gauge-left hand thread

The tank pressure gauge is damaged. (3,000lb gauge, $10 part) I bought the 
regulator from a beer making supply. The gauge is side mount 1/4" left hand 
thread. I've looked for a replacement but nothing so far. I can't find a left 
hand die either or I'd make a nipple and be done. PIA. The weird part, the 
line pressure gauge (30lb) is right hand thread. Must be a "safety" issue, 
not sure.
I'm looking for a second regulator for another bottle, I'll be more careful.
Thanks for the input.

>The only time left hand thread is used, to my knowledge, is on flamable
>What kind of regulater do you have?
>Which fitting are you refering to, the outlet port, or the gauge port?.