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Re: Flourish Trace by SeaChem

Jared wrote:

"I presume it's aimed at those who have some
form of PMDD and who don't want the iron, amino acids, calcium, magnesium,
sulfur, chlorine, potassium, etc. of regular Flourish."

I don't want to diss the (valid) commercial products offered to hobbyists,
but some of us that use PMDD do so for a very simple reason: Water borne
fertilizers are mostly water. I can make a gallon of the equivalent
commercial product with just a few teaspoons of powdered chemicals. When you
buy that gallon of water borne fertilizer, most of the money you spend is
for the packaging, shipping and storage of....water. I think the commercial
sellers would do the hobby and the environment a great service by just
selling the powdered forms of their products and then instruct consumers to
go to the grocery store and buy a  gallon of distilled water for mixing.