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Safe glues, cheap filter medium.

Wise men and Women of Aquatic Wonders:

May I reask my questions about glues; safe and unsafe for aquatic life.
Thanks. Craig asked me about the response and since I either overlooked
responses or they were in-paucity, I would greatly appreciate a small
sharing of the amassed wisdom.

I am considering plastic, Easter egg grass as a filter medium. Input please.
And could you be more specific about floss. My local fabric store didn't
know anything about it. Thanks again.

I am finding the discussion regarding the huge planted tank, fascinating.
The more the better since I too am in the thinking-through stage of a
smaller, "huge tank."

Does anyone have any input on foam (filter medium again). Open cell vs.
closed bubble foam. I've been told that one is essentially a tiny lattice
work and the other is difficult as a pass-through for water.

Many thanks again,

Paul the NoleDoc
Living and learning in the heart of
the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.