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Re:crypt dating

Well, thanks. I have looked and looked and thought I had seen and found
all sources for aquatic plants. How did this one slip by?

>>>Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 19:02:09 -0700
From: "Ellen O'Connell" <oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com>
Subject: Crypt Dating 
Parva and some other "different" crypts are listed as for sale at 
(Hint: this site wouldn't open at all in my Netscape and only came up
after some errors in IE.) 
Ellen O'Connell
Parker, Colorado
mailto:oconnell_wadeash at ix_netcom.com<<<

The site came up quickly and perfectly for me. It is bookmarked. What am
I missing here? What's the catch? They have my dream plants.  Though the
pics aren't ID'd.  Will be placing an order soon. Thanks, Ellen