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Calculating Fe concentration

I'm interested in calculating the amount of iron a dose of Tropica
MasterGrow adds to my tank. I think I have figured out how do this, but I
want someone to check my calculations.
TMG has 0.07% Fe. So if 1 mL of TMG weighs 1000 mg and Fe is .07% of that,
then 1 mL has 0.7 mg Fe. For my 113 L tank, I need 11.3 mg Fe to increase Fe
by 0.1 mg/L. So if 1 mL TMG has 0.7 mg Fe, I need 11.3/0.7=16.2 mL TMG to
increase the concentration by 0.1 ppm.
Is this correct? Or am I assuming something that I shouldn't be? Thanks.
Alex R.