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Re: swordplant picture - what sort is it ?

>>I wanted some pygmy chain swords (not E. Tennelus) like I have in my tank
already.. they grow about 8cm tall and have long sowrd leaves... Could
someone please tell me if these -
http://members.iinet.net.au/~geohammo/swordplant.htm are pygmy chain sowrds
but in a terrestrial growth form... they guy I ordered them from said they
would drop all there leaves and grow a new submerged form.. I dont know
weather to beleive him because he didnt really sound like he knew much about
plants and planted tanks..<<

Pigmy Chain swords includes several varities of dwarf, grass like
echinodorus. This includes tenellus, latifolious, quadrostatus, and a few
variants of tenellus. Some have leaves that are more slender, and others are
more spoon shaped. They all are usually grown emmersed and will shed these
leaves when submersed growth forms. The submersed growth is often of
different size or structure.

Robert Paul H