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Re: Hiding fish/lights?

Sylvia & Cavan:

I haven't had your exact experience with changing
lights and having fish hide, but it did remind me of
an experience I have had with hiding fish that I
thought you might enjoy :)  ...It has left me open to
considering all sorts of possibilities when it comes
to my fish.

Several years ago I got a cat (GREY) that loved to
watch the fish.  He'd sit right in front of the tank
or climb on top of it and hang his front paws down on
the glass and look at the fish upside down.  Needless
to say, the fish were panicked and hid every time they
saw him within 10 feet of the tank, even passing by. 
I decided to train them by sitting my cat on my lap
every time I fed the fish.  It worked - he can now
hang over and paw at the tank as much as he wants and
they couldn't care less.  Sometimes they even gather
around where he is.

Then I got a BLACK cat and did nothing because I
figured the fish were no longer afraid of cats and she
never seemed to go near the tank anyway.  Mistake. 
She apparently scared them when I wasn't looking.  To
this day, if I go to feed my fish and I am wearing
black, they all panic and swim and hide.  If I am
wearing any other color there is no problem. I have
been trying to retrain them for some time and they
have improved a little but I think I'd have been much
more successful if I had nipped it in the bud!

Well, a little off-topic but I thought you might enjoy
this story. :)

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