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Re: Otos and Angels

I have a pair of Marble Angelfish in a 29g tank.  Other residents of the tank 
include 5 or 6 Otos, 2 SAEs, and 2 Corys.  The only time the Angelfish become 
cranky with the Otos (and other fish) is right after they have spawned, and 
Momma Angel is guarding her eggs.  NO one is allowed near her eggs!  At all 
other times, the Otos are usually buried so far down in the plant jungle that 
the Angels can't get near them.  The Angels seem to pay no attention at all 
to the SAEs and the Corys.

>  Sorry this isn't really a plant question: Can one keep angels and otos
>  together? I'm looking for a larger variety of fish for my 100gal but they
>  must be compatible with the otos. I've heard that the angels can be
>  aggressive. Any other suggestions for larger fish would also be
>  appreciated.