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Low CO2 ??

     Some questions from a long time lurker:
     I finally got a KH test Kit and found out I have a KH of 4.  My ph is 
     7.4.  Therefore, the CO2 in my tank is 5ppm or less according to the 
     chart in The Krib.  The tank is 125g with 2x96 watt Custom Sea Life cf 
     fixtures, and 2x40 watt flourescent strip light (272watts/125g=2.2 
     watts/gallon approx).
     The substrate is "filter media" that just looks like gravel to me.  
     With a layer of laterite.  
     The tank is planted with several large sword plants, anubias that I 
     have split apart about 5 times the last 2 years.  Lots of valisneria.  
     Lots of crypts(some larger than others).  The small crypts have made a 
     good start of carpeting the foreground.  several other types of stem 
     plants that I am not sure what they are.  1 3yr old Angelfish, 6 juve 
     Angelfish, 3 SAE, 3 marbled mollies, 6 Rosybarbs, about another 20 
     small tetras (blackskirt, neons, serpae).  5 cory's, and a 6" pleco.
     Filtered with a Fluval 404 in one corner and a Magnum 350 in the other 
     corner.  I have a Gomberg type CO2 diffuser located about 3" below and 
     1" to the right of the magnum intake.  It looks to me like 1/3 to 1/2 
     of the tiny CO2 bubbles are going into the intake of the magnum. 
     I started 4 weeks ago dosing the tank daily w/10ml of some PMDD made 
     with Microplex.  I just got some Seachem test kits which revealed the 
     following: Nitrite = 0, Nitrate = 10, phosphate = 1
     I had a good crop of BGA which went away virtually overnight once I 
     started dosing w/the PMDD, but I also have started growing what I 
     think is green spot algae on the crypt's and anubias leaves, and some 
     algae that looks like green furr on the sword's leaves. 
     I have used a home made filter which is a 10 micron cartridge into 
     carbon cartridge straight into the tank (basically a prefilter for an 
     RO unit) for my water changes.  
     I have significant new growth on all the plants, but not enough to 
     prevent this new algae growth.
     How can I increase the CO2 if the little diffuser is filling with gas. 
     Trey in Tulsa