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re: new plant tank

> From: "Mitch and Jena Carl" <mjcarl at radiks_net> 
> Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 17:14:45 -0600 
> ...the tank i am setting up is a 1600 gal plant tank.  it is 24 ft x 3 ft x 3
> 1/2 ft.  i will explain what i am thinking of doing, then you can critique and 
> give other opinions.
> for lighting i am planning on 8 400 watt fixtures with either 5500 K or 6500
> K bulbs in them.  i want to try the electronic ballasts from blueline.
> anyone try these yet?

Have you considered using 1800W stadium lights?  I'm serious (sort of). 
Philips lists two 1800W MH lamps that have 5600K color temperature, 92
CRI, and 150000 lumens.  They are double ended lamps, intended for
horizontal burning in enclosed fixtures.  I have no idea what kind of
ballast they need, nor the price.  But they looked interesting.  A pair
of them would probably be plenty of light for your application, with the
right reflectors.

My phone lines are frozen (literally; we've had ice storms) and I can
only keep an internet connection for about a minute or two at a time, so
I can't search for more details.  If you wanna look them up, one of the
numbers is MHD1800W, and I think this is the right link:

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