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Craig's tank

 Hello all,
I've recently subscribed to this list and have really learned a lot about
plant tanks. I've been fooling around with one for the better part of 15
years and only recently have gotten more serious about my water
chemistry. I was wondering if anybody out there could comment on my setup
and make some comments/suggestions. Things aren't as green as they should
be and leaves (especially on my sword) are thin and narrow, almost
transparent.  Rotala indica and micranthenum umbrosum grow well. Anubius
becomes covered and with a dark, almost black coating of algae. 

29 gallons
3X 20 W (2 tritons, 1 vitalite)
KH: 2.8 (too low??)
CO2: ~15 mg/L (varies) yeast-sugar mixture, outlet fed into intake of my
box filter
nitrate: 1 ppm (what do you think? should I add nitrates?)
substrate: 15 yr/old medium-coarse gravel (never distrubed)  w/ duplarit
K added. I've just started to add some jobes plant spikes.
fertilizer: three drops of Dupla24 daily, + dupla base fertilizer w/
every water change (20% every 10 days or so)
plants: amazon sword (failing), green hygro, rotala indica, various
crypts, bacopa, anubias.
fish: about 10 medium- small. Don't know the names for most of them. 

I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions.


Craig Wuepper