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new plant tank

hi all, im new to the plant game, but im getting into it in a big way.  ive
been a reef aquarist for awhile now and have a good grasp on that area.  ive
been given an oppurtunity to set up a large tank with freshwater plants.
ive been reading all i can and lurking on this digest for a bit.  i am about
ready to start the project, so any advice would be great.

the tank i am setting up is a 1600 gal plant tank.  it is 24 ft x 3 ft x 3
1/2 ft.  i
will explain what i am thinking of doing, then you can critique and give
other opinions.

for lighting i am planning on 8 400 watt fixtures with either 5500 K or 6500
K bulbs in them.  i want to try the electronic ballasts from blueline.
anyone try these yet?

for the substrate i am going to use seachem's flourite.  i will probably get
about 800 lbs and mix in some 2-3 mm gravel.  can you hydro-clean flourite,
or do you just siphon the top gravel?

i am going to use a pinpoint pH controller with co2.  do i just let the co2
go into the intake of the main pump to grind it up?

i plan on having two overflows in the tank (one on each end).  they will
probably be 3 inch overflows.  these will flow to a 75 gal sump.  the sump
will probably just house a clepco 2000-3000 watt heater.  there will be a
3/4 hp pump that will pump it back to the display.  i might put in a side
stream with a lifeguard mechanical filter (3 pack).  sound ok?

the water will flow into the tank at various spots throughout the tank.  the
returns will be postitioned so they dont cause too much surface agitation.

water changes will be once a week, 1/4-1/2 of the tank using tap water that
has been conditioned for chlorine and chloramines.

sound ok?  any advice on doing something different, or anything i forgot?