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Hyrophila polysperma "Sunset"

Hello Folks:
    I have a stand of the Hygro Sunset and noticed that as it grows out some
of the growth changes and becomes much more green.  In its lovelier growth
it tends to be mostly white viens and webbing, developing pink highlights
and a little green.  I get the feeling that the occassional new stems which
come up green with white veins is some form of one of its original crosses. 
I am just guessing here.  Is this normal for this plant?  Do I prune the
stand of the less "Sunset" like growth to keep it going or is there
something I need to do concerning its nutrient needs.  Some types of
variagated plants will loose the lovely white if they are given
fertilization or optimum growing conditions.  Could this be the case?
Thanks, Diana

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