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Re: off topic (cameras)

>Clean the glass, inside and out, and use a remote flash or light source so
>it doesn't bounce straight back at you from the front glass. [On-camera
>flash is a big no-no.]

An on-camera flash will work fine, if (and only if) you are pointing the 
camera at a 45 angle to the tank - I have some reasonable photos from 
Sydney Aquarium that I took this way.  Of course, if you want a straight-on 
shot (as I'm sure you do) that isn't much help.

A polarising filter will help with the reflections, but if you're using the 
dark room/dark clothing approach I don't think it'll be much use - the 
reflections that (in my experience) it cuts down on are those from the room 
- not from within the tank. Not only that, but the previously mentioned 
loss of light will hurt too.

Try, then, either an off camera flash, or shutting off your filters for a 
while (for the still water) and a long duration shot on a tripod - you 
won't be able to get the fish, but then this is a plant list, right? ;)