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Re: discus growout in planted tank

Regarding the temperature in my discus tank, that
contains cardina japonica, I keep it at 83-84 deg F. 
I have only noticed the death of one individual shrimp
and that was the day after introduction.  There may be
some oxygenation issues, as I noticed in the first
couple of days that in the morning some of the shrimp
would be near the water surface, on the tank walls. 
So I would suggest plently of water movement.

Regarding the algae problems in my tank, I think I
should point out that my homemade discus food
contained beef liver instead of beef heart.  Liver
tends to disintegrate on preparation and clouds the
water much more.  The reason I used it was that
someone on the net had suggested it as superior
(growth-wise) and it happened that the supermarket I
went to had liver, but not heart.  For planted tanks,
I would recommend NOT using beef liver.  It has
greatly increased waste/nutrient loads.

I don't think my problem with green hair algae has
been one of inexperience.  Many water changes, dosing
with PMDD, limiting feeding of fish, nitrogen levels
always below 5.  I didn't dose nitrogen because that
is how I previously had problems with BGA.  I guess it
was Tom Barr that recommended extra nitrogen (with
subsequent increased plant AND algae growth and
eventual algae reduction).  Admittedly I did not try
that, and wonder if that solution takes a matter of
months (if it works at all) rather than the 1.5 wk it
took me to solve the problem with 14 cardina japonica.
 Sure there was a nutrient imbalance after I cleared
out a large bucket of plants, but efforts to stop the
algae before using the shrimp were futile.  So I would
recommend trying shrimp, along with the usual methods.

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