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Plant collecting

Ok, the time has come...

My tank is being set up as we speak the cycling process will start in a few
hours.  I am looking for a some plant specimens for introduction into the
tank in about 2 weeks, or once it's stable.  Specifically looking for these,
I have tried all the locals and these either aren't carried or were not
healthy enough to warrant buying.

Here is a brief list of most of the plant s I would like to have planted.
Until I get some high wattage bulbs I am limiting myself to dim to med light
plants.  right now I have about 1 watt per gallon.  Obviously this isn't
going to suffice.  Any recommendations or hints would be helpful.  I have
posted size and light requirements for as many as I could find in my books.
If there are any practical corrections please send em my way.  This is a
list in progress, my concern is that I won't be providing enough light for
some of these specimens in a 37 gallon dual tube fixture.  With that kind of
depth anyone know what kind of light is hitting the bottom?

~~~Foreground and Front corners~~~~

Riccia fluitans:Crystalwort
Floating/Low Substrate plant
~~Med light~~
(No one seems to carry this one, I am looking for a modest donation or

-Cryptocoryne Willissi
5" ~~Med light~~

Anubias barteri var. nana
4" ~~Med light~~

~~Middle and sides~~~

-Cryptocoryne wendtii
4-16" ~~dim-med light~~

-Echinodorus cordifolius

-Hygrophila corymbosa (green leaf variety)
24" ~~med light~~

Vesicularia dubyana:Java Moss
~~Med light~~

Microsorium pteropus: Java Fern
8" ~~Dim light~~

~~~Rear Corners and Backwall~~~

Bacopa monnieri:Moneywort
16" ~~Med light~~

Is this a good start list for fairly hardy, good growing, get the aquarium
looking planted type plants?

Sunny in Florida,