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Re: Collecting Daphnia


Daphnia is a good live food for your fish.  I couldn't
tell from your post if you intend to just collect and
feed these to your fish or if you intend to culture
them as a dependable source of live food.  Either is a
good idea but collecting them comes with a little risk
of adding other creatures to your aquarium (and
house).  It is possible to collect all kinds of
"pests" when you pass your net thru the lake. 
Sometimes the wiggly things you collect become flying
things that both you and especially your spouse might
not enjoy.  This doesn't happen too often and the fish
normally consume the pests during their wiggly stage
any way.  I just wanted to mention this.

Many people collect daphnia and other live foods
everyday.  It can be a fun thing to do, but you might
want to ask someone send you a "clean" food culture. 

Here is a link to the krib that covers daphnia and
their culture. 



newellcr at yahoo_com

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