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DIY CO2 improvements

I have come across a couple of sources who improve on the standard
water-sugar-yeast  mixture for DIY-CO2  by using Jello as a moderating
agent. (Thanks Monika and John)
In fact, both Dennerle and JBL sell a modified DIY-CO2 system in which they
claim a more uniform CO2 production over the standard mixture. Dennerle
actually shows a graph on their containers which, if you believe it, shows a
much lower peak CO2 production and a longer evenly sustained bubble rate.

The DIY-Jello (or gelatine) recipe is something like this:
Add 2 packs of regular jello, not the light stuff, to an empty and clean 2l
pop bottle. Add boiling water to dissolve the jello, add your 1-2 cups of
sugar, and add enough water to fill the bottle to about 1.5l. Store in the
fridge overnight to let the jello set. On the following day, add 1 cup of
water and the yeast (1/8 teaspoon) on top of the jello. Attach your bottle
as normal.

The jello will do two things: 1. it will prevent the yeast from having
access to all the sugar at once , and therefore prevent the exponential
growth stage, thereby cutting the peak bubble rate.
2. As the yeast consumes the sugar, it will use the gelatine (protein) as a
source of nutrients, and slowly eat away at it from the top. The number of
active yeast organisms will be held in a near steady state, allowing for a
longer, more even CO2 production.

The jello is sort of a regulator - the more you use, the less sugar will be
available at a time, and the CO2 production would be slower but longer. So
you could adjust the recipe to fit your needs.

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