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Re: CO2 Regulators

James had previously mentioned the BOC products, both on-list as well as on
usenet.  The site has a very navigable interface and a lot of information for
regulator configuration.  They also have other goodies like pressure relief
valves, check valves, etc.  Even a needle valve though it doesn't look like it
has a nice super-low Cv like others mentioned (Nupro M & S, Hoke, Parker HR

Anyway, here is the link to take you directly to the BOC regulator page.


For our purposes we'd most likely be looking at two-guage regulators.  Depending
on how much you want to spend and what level of automation/sophistication you'd
like to apply, you can make a further decision between single-stage and

I believe James mentioned one specific regulator.  It may very well by the
pricier of the single-stage models.  It sure is very clean and solid looking.
By looking at the other items on the page however, there are a few regulators
that should work and are worth noting:

BHS500 - the one mentioned previously.  Brass bar stock - chrome plated.
BHS270 - Forged brass, chrome plated.  Should be cheaper.
BGS270 - Forged brass, chrome plated, general purpose.  Should be even cheaper.

The dual-stage variations of these are:

If you want specifics on outlet and inlet configurations, make sure to click on
the link at the bottom of each spec page on the "Find Out More" link.

If you want to go way over the top, there are also Stainless products available:
BSS500 for single-stage and BST500 for dual.

Or way way over the top you can go for nickel-plated.   Of course they're
completely overkill because you're not messing with corrosive nor reactive
gases.  Unless of course you want to fiddle with mixing your dosing mixtures
(not recommended - I don't think your fish will enjoy boron. :)
I'll be calling a local Canadian rep to price out suitably configured variations
of the first three products I mentioned.  I'll report back with the results if
anyone is curious.