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Re: Aquarium Test Kits

Hello everyone.  I have a question that I need help with that may be of 
interest to some of you.  It is about aquarium test kits.  There are so many

different brands of aquarium test kits out there at so many different price 
ranges that I am confused as to which one I should buy.  It seems as if
company that is well known or that is famous in the aquarium industry has 
their own brand of test kit out there.  My question is, which is the best 
aquarium test kit out there for freshwater aquariums?  Which is the brand 
that has proved the most reliable, the most accurate, and the most easy to 
use, and that also combines all of the rest of the positive qualities that 
aquarists look for in a test kit?  Is there a brand that is used more often 
by the "professionals" than any other brand of test kit?  And which is the 
brand that is most recommended by knowledegable aquarists such as you guys?

Any help that any of you guys could give me on this matter would be greatly 
appreciated, as this is one question that I have been wondering about for a 
long time and whose answer I feel might also be useful to some other people 
subscribing to this list as well.  Thanks everyone for all of your advice.

                                            Sincerely yours,


There are a number of different test kit manufactures simply because there
are different 
Requirements for accuracy and affordability depending on what the end user
is testing. A lot 
of it probably does boil down to personal preference. Although simply paying
more does not 
guarantee you a more accurate result  the more expensive kits typically have
an easier to read
indicator. Another consideration is that once you have purchased the initial
kit that the refills 
are not that expensive so your cost/test will drop.

I prefer HACH and Lamotte as do many other list members but I also know
people who swear by
 Sera, Tetra, red Sea, et al. IMHO the "best" manufacturer depends on the
particular parameter
 (ie NO3 HACH kit cat#14161-00, Lamotte ph). I use different Manufactures
because of 
conclusions I reached in my researching the specific accuracy/usability of
 I did this research primarily by doing a search on the archives for each
parameter followed 
by manufacturer name and was able to come up with posts that broke them down
in detail.  
Your mileage may vary.

 I will say that I really like the HACH indicator wheel as far as
readability is concerned. By the way
 HACH is best ordered directly from HACH while I believe some of the mail
order houses still stock 
 Lamotte. If you get confused by catalogue numbers, as I did, post or email
me and I will try to help.
 On another note it was recently posted that Lamotte has discontinued their
6.0-7.4 kit :-(. 

Good luck,

Larry Lampert
Dallas, Texas -Where it rained for the first time in 71 days!