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Re: Dave Gomberg

sruth cience <truthinscience at yahoo_com> wrote:

>Reality 2: You have obscured the technical limitations
>of your system...

Sorry to prolong this thread, but I just had to respond to this.  I have one
of Dave Gomberg's systems.  He was VERY forthcoming on his website about the
possibility of dumping CO2.  He has never obscured anything as far as I can
see.  I have been very happy with the system.  It was reasonably priced and
extremely easy to assemble with Dave's directions.  It would have been very
difficult for me to assemble all of the pieces myself.  Dave has made
several suggestions for dealing with the dumping issue and I will pursue one
of these, but meanwhile I am up and running and my PH is down to a
reasonable level (which my fish appreciate).  Everyone has been very
"passionate" about this issue, but it seems to me that no matter what setup
you have there are possible failure points and you really need to keep an
eye on things if you're using CO2 (even with DIY yeast).