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Re: The go ahead (acceptable forms of potassium and magnesium)


Why reinvent the wheel? (Though I often try. . .) I've often read on list 
about the use of salt substitutes for potassium addition (potassium 
chloride?), as well as some stump removers--i.e. potassium nitrate  (which 
would also add additional, maybe unnecessary, nitrate). I've looked at the 
salt substitutes, but I'm always bothered by those other ingredients on the 

I've had problems with trying to add anything in tablet form. As far as 
gluconate-- I recall someone had a minor catastrophe on their hands with the 
(over?)use of some gluconate added to the water. I have a liquid potassium, 
in the form of aspartate and citrate, which I've used with no seemingly 
negative consequences. For magnesium, rather than using epsom salts, I recall 
using milk of magnesia for a while, since I was reluctant to add the sodium. 
No severe fish consequences, other than relief of minor constipation. 


Fortunately, lately, I haven't had to worry about too much nutrient addition, 
as the water source they use in summer/fall seems to be much more conducive 
to plant growth. I get by with Flourish and now and then, Plant Gro. 

Bear in mind that you're working with a small aquarium. Start with small 
amounts of anything.

Anybody have any comments on the potassium aspartate, citrate & milk of 


>  For whatever reasons, I wasn't offered any advice to my question of
>  using potassium gluconate pills in my ten gallon aquarium, I have
>  decided to go ahead and use one pill per week after my 25% water change
>  along with 1/2 teaspoon Epsom salt as part of my PMDD regime.  I love to
>  experiment anyways, always have.
>  My main concern is the gluconate and the effects it may have on the
>  system ( only 99 mg of the 595 mg of one pill is potassium, the rest
>  gluconate and other minor components).
>  I posted my question after reading the archives, most of the comments
>  seemed vague and I needed clarification.
>  Sean Meister (Missoula, Montana)