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CO2 regulators

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:14:23 +1000, Neil wrote:

> yes the needle valves are very fine but also is the fact that the pressure
> setting is sensed on the downline side between the reg and needle valve.
> My main needle valve is built into the reg. body.

Neil has mentioned several times that in his system the pressure is sensed 
on the *down line* side of the regulator.

Is his setup atypical, or do everybody's regulators work like this?  All other
things being equal, does downline sensing ==> more reliable (esp. under
end-of-tank conditions)?

I haven't been able to find any mention of downline sensing in company 
catalogues (air products, boc, victor), but maybe I'm not looking for the right
thing or in the right place. When buying a regulator, is there anything special 
to look for in respect of downline sensing?

David B.