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Re: Jodonella in Canada

"Ron Barter" <mistnfrost at superaje_com> wrote :
>     Is anyone on the list aware of anywhere in Canada that I can get some
> Jordanella floridae? Shipping them here from stateside is prohibitively
> expensive at best, and I've been unable to find any from Toronto to
> My LFS tell me they can't get them.

Do you have a  "Ruffins" petstore near you.  I was able to get my local
franchise to bring them in for me, it did take a few weeks and they first
brought in Flag Cichlids, but the Jordonella did finally arrive.  I am not
sure what sex they are, male I think, they tend to stay in seclusion,
although I have seen them more lately-even caught one nibbling on the algae
on the back tank glass.  So don't give up.


SMILE ...  it makes people wonder what you've been up to